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Luxury Bedding with French Style

Bedding with traditional French style to create a private retreat. Go directly to traditionally beautiful  Sweet Dreams, Dian Austin Couture Home, Jane Wilner Designs

Sweet Dreams

Spencer Patchwork King Duvet Gianna Scalloped Damask Queen Duvet Foiled Queen Duvet
Sweet Dreams Spencer Patchwork Collection Sweet Dreams Gianna Collection Sweet Dreams Foiled Collection
Patchwork duvet with twisted cording finish. Spencer Paisley Duvet Set with twisted cording finish. Plaid dust skirt adjusts to fit a queen or king bed. Decorative pillows Chenille damask duvet. Scalloped edge with twisted cording finish. Three-panel gathered dust skirt. Decorative pillows and shams Foiled wave-pattern duvet. Twisted cording finish. Decorative pillows and shams


Delilah Embroidered Queen Duvet Isadora Embroidered Damask Queen Duvet
Sweet Dreams Delilah Collection Sweet Dreams Isadora Embroidered Damask Collection
Duvet with floral embroidery. Twisted cording finish. Decorative pillows and shams. Lace-trimmed sheet set. Woven of 400-thread-count Pima cotton sateen with a satin-like softness and sheen.  Duvet with allover gold embroidery with ivory underlay. Scalloped edge with twisted cord finish. Gathered crushed silk dust skirt. Decorative pillows and shams


Delany Queen Scallop Duvet Francesca Scalloped Floral Queen Duvet Bianca King Damask Duvet
Sweet Dreams Delany Collection Sweet Dreams Francesca Bedding Collection Sweet Dreams Bianca Collection
Allover damask duvet with scallop edge. Onion trim finish. Scalloped edge sham with aqua onion trim. Allover aqua tweed with brush fringe and scallop trim. Pieced sham with damask center and ruched linen. Three-panel gathered dust skirt in linen. Decorative pillows Floral duvet with cord finish at scalloped edges. Three-panel gathered dust skirt. Grooved faux fur (acrylic) throw. Twisted gold cording. Decorative pillows and shams Damask duvet with twisted cording edge. Duvet cover and shams made of silk dupioni. Gathered velvet dust skirt. Faux-fur (acrylic) throw. Twisted cording edge. Decorative pillows


Giverny Floral Queen Duvet Aubergine Damask King Duvet Anna Maria Floral King Sham
Sweet Dreams Giverny Floral Collection Sweet Dreams Aubergine Damask Bedding Collection Sweet Dreams Anna Maria Floral Bedding Collection
Floral duvet in fresh spring colors has scalloped edge. Twisted cording finish. Floral sham with scalloped edges and twisted cording finish. Pieced sham with floral center and beaded silk sides. Pleated silk dust skirt. Pieced floral throw with embroidered silk sides. Decorative pillows Duvet in allover damask. Tricolor twisted cording finish. Pillow in allover damask and corded finish. Jumbo tassels with beaded accents. Pillow in allover damask. Plush brush fringe. Velvet pillow with gimps and braids. Pieced damask pillow with ruched silk and bead accents. Allover floral duvet and shams. Jumbo silk velvet piping. Decorative pillows and shams

Paloma Damask King Sham Mehndi Pieced King Duvet
Sweet Dreams Paloma Damask Collection Sweet Dreams Mehndi Collection Sweet Dreams Genevieve Skirted Coverlet Collection
Allover damask with scalloped edge. Decorative pillows Pieced duvet with tweed sides, gimp, and jumbo tassels. Twisted cording edge. Medallion sham with jumbo hanging tassel trim. Twisting cording finish. Decorative pillows and shams. Medallion center sham with silky velvet sides. Twisted cording finish.  Coverlet has embroidered top and attached skirt with 30" drop. Embroidered sham with ruched border. Ruched bolster pillow with contrasting tie ends. Embroidered pillow with twisted cord trim. Pillow features rows of onion trim on the front. Marine blue sham with contrasting scalloped edging.

King Alessandra Crushed Silk Dust Skirt Kristi Paisley King Duvet
Sweet Dreams Alessandra Bedding Sweet Dreams Kristi Paisley Collection Sweet Dreams Palazzo Como Bedding
Sheer fabric with damask embroidery is layered over pink to create this stunning bedding collection by Sweet Dreams®. Ruched velvet, crushed silk, beading, and gimp are among the fabrics and trims that add to the opulence. Duvet in allover paisley. Onion trim finish. Pleated trellis silk sham with contrast onion fringe. Kristi Leopard sham with brush fringe finish. Sham in allover paisley. Scalloped fringe finish. European-woven damask bedding is accented with embroidered silk, onion trim, beading, and more.

King Pheasant Duvet Cover with Onion Trim Rue de L'amour King Duvet Cover
Sweet Dreams  Fanciful Pheasant Bedding Sweet Dreams Verona Bedding Sweet Dreams Rue de L'amour
Opulent trims abound in this collection featuring a shimmering pheasant-and-floral weave with raised texture. Pheasant and striped linens are polyester with polyester/cotton backing. European-woven damask chenille bedding with ruched velvet accents. Damask chenille duvet cover has tri-color cord trim and zip closure. Diamond duvet cover is silk dupioni. European-woven damask. Linen/viscose/polyester front; cotton/polyester back. Scalloped edge; onion trim; zip closure.

Chamonterie Queen Skirted Coverlet Loana King Duvet King Marguerite Duvet Cover
Sweet Dreams Chamonterie Collection Sweet Dreams Loana Collection Sweet Dreams Marguerite Bedding Collection
Swirled coverlet with embroidered sheer skirt and pink underlay. Decorative pillows and shams Duvet and shams with twisted cording finish. Decorative pillows and shams Damask chenille duvet cover with scalloped edges and twisted gold cord trim. Scalloped sham with damask center has ruched silk accents, tassel fringe, and twisted cording. Gathered silk dust skirt adjusts to fit a queen or king bed. Decorative pillows

King Elizabeth Skirted Coverlet HCF17_-6YL8
SWEET DREAMS INC. Elizabeth Bedding Sweet Dreams Crystal Palace Bedding Sweet Dreams Monte Carlo Bedding Collection
Elizabeth bedding pairs textural pintucks, roses, and ruching with European-woven lace. Skirted coverlet. Lace curtains have a tailored silk header, silk-covered buttons, and rod pocket. Coverlet features blue/ivory floral medallion damask with damask overlay. Layered organza dust skirt. Silk throw. Blue silk curtains with rod-pocket style, lined; onion-ball trim. Golden organza sheers rod-pocket style, ribbon embellishments. Organza linens, polyester. Scalloped duvet cover with tri-color cording. Front is woven in Europe of polyester/cotton/viscose. Coverlet with attached lace skirt. Floral top, woven in Europe of polyester/cotton/viscose, has polyester back. Black lace skirt with gold lining. Open-ended black lace sham over gold pillow cover. Sham with floral center and ruched accents. Trimmed with cording and tassels. Scalloped floral sham with twisted cord trim. Black lace dust skirt with gold lining 

Dian Austin Couture Home

Mayorka King Duvet Cover with Tassels Glitz Queen Duvet Macbeth Floral Queen Duvet
Dian Austin Couture Home Mayorka Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Glitz Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Macbeth Floral Collection
Victorian-pattern duvet duvet cover has twisted cording and jumbo tassels. Lace-trimmed sheet set. Woven of 400-thread-count Pima cotton sateen with a satin-like softness and sheen. Three-panel velvet dust skirt is adjustable to fit king and queen sizes. Plush faux-fur throw with soft velvet backing is finished with a twisted cording edge. Decorative pillows and shams Glamorous gold and pewter floral duvet with twisted cording finish. Diamond-Trellis Duvet Cover and Sham made of silk. Corded edge on 4 sides. Decorative pillows and shams Floral jacquard duvet. Twisted cording finish. Floral jacquard sham. Ruched velvet piping. Sham with lace overlay. Gathered velvet dust skirt. Decorative pillows and shams


Serafina Queen Duvet Carte Le Blanche Ikat King Duvet Belle Notte Damask King Duvet
Dian Austin Couture Home Serafina Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Carte Le Blanche Ikat Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Belle Notte Damask Collection
Duvet and shams with watercolor floral pattern. Twisted cording finish. Three-panel dust skirt handcrafted of crushed silk dupioni. Decorative pillows and shams Duvet and shams in ikat pattern. Twisted cording finish. Faux wolf fur throw and pillows. Additional decorative pillows and shams Damask duvet with ruched velvet inlay. Damask sham with ruffle edge. Ruched velvet sham with braid trim. Decorative pillows


Paolo King Duvet Quartzite King Duvet Willette Paisley King Duvet
Dian Austin Couture Home Paolo Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Quartzite Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Willette Paisley Collection
Ikat medallion duvet and shams in soothing tones of sky blue and grays. Twisted cording finish. Faux-fur ostrich throw. Undertones of aqua blue. Decorative pillows Duvet and shams with soothing marble swirl patterns. Crushed silk piping finish. Additional decorative pillows and shams Paisley duvet with tricolor twisted cord finish. Pieced sham with paisley center and ruched silk detail. Tassel trim and twisted cord finish. Decorative pillows

Wedding Bliss Queen Coverlet Wisteria Scroll King Sham with Fringe Maximus Medallion King Duvet
Dian Austin Couture Home Wedding Bliss Coverlet Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Wisteria Scroll Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Maximus Medallion Collection
Skirted coverlet with embroidered sheers and ivory damask atop of bed. Decorative pillows and shams Duvet featuring elegant scroll pattern. Tricolor twisted cording finish. Allover scroll sham with brush fringe. Decorative pillows Regal medallion chenille duvet. Pieced sham with medallion center, animal print sides and ruched velvet detail. Tassel trim accents. Gathered silk velvet dust skirts with 18" drop. Additional decorative pillows and shams

HCS16_-6UZ9 Hamaden Medallion European Sham
Dian Austin Couture Home  Kamala Bedding Dian Austin Couture Home  Hamaden Medallion Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Louise Collection
Kamala bedding is made of polyester, rayon, and cotton materials. Dust skirt with 18" drop adjusts to fit a queen or king bed. Faux-beaver coverlet, handmade in the USA of acrylic/polyester. Chenille duvet. Twisted cord finish. Decorative shams and pillows Chenille damask duvet cover with twisted cording. Pieced sham with brush fringe. Pieced pillow with braid trim and brush fringe. Damask sham with twisted cording and two jumbo tassels. Ogee sham with green dots and jumbo piping. Pleated silk dust skirt.


Golden Garden Floral Queen Duvet King Vasari Damask Duvet Cover Circumference King Coverlet
Dian Austin Couture Home  Golden Garden Floral Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Vasari Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Circumference Collection
Floral chenille duvet and shams with twisted cording and jumbo tassels. Decorative pillows Damask duvet cover and shams with twisted cord trim. Coverlet with ogee texture and flange finish. Box-pleated dust skirt adjusts to fit a queen or king bed. Ogee-textured sham with silk jumbo piping. Decorative pillows. Allover circle quilt design with twisted cording finish. Sham with circle quilt center design and silk flange. Decorative silk pillow and sham


HCF17_-6D1X HCS16_-51V8 King Jupiter Duvet Cover
Dian Austin Couture Home  Camilla Bedding Dian Austin Couture Home Petit Trianon Dian Austin Couture Home Jupiter Collection
Bronze damask bedding with copper and gold highlights. Accented with velvet, silk, and a variety of trims. Added silk accent pillows. Petit Trianon Floral Duvet Cover Scalloped duvet cover has corded edge trim.  Tuscan Trellis Duvet Cover made of silk/rayon/polyester. Jupiter duvet cover. Polyester/rayon front; polyester back. Tri-color twisted cord finish. Rayon/polyester with animal print. Decorative shams and pillows

HCF17_-6DW8 HCS16_-6PY4 HCF17_-6XKF
Dian Austin Couture Home  Dahlia Bedding Dian Austin Couture Home Driftwood Bedding Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Gretta Collection
European-woven chenille damask bedding in hues of dusty rose and beige. Accents include velvet, silk, twisted cording, and more. Silk dust skirt  Driftwood Duvet Cover and shams made of polyester/rayon with marble swirl pattern. Pleat-Textured Coverlet. Rayon/polyester front. Velvet duvet cover with metallic silver scroll pattern. Polyester/viscose front; polyester back. Twisted cord finish. Pieced sham with scroll center has silk sides and velvet trim. Velvet sham with metallic silver scroll pattern. Polyester/viscose front; polyester back. Brush fringe finish. Semi-sheer, gathered dust skirt. Decorative pillows and curtains


HCS16_-5U1S Mediterrane Bedding HCS16_-33HY
Dian Austin Couture Home Royal Court Dian Austin Couture Home Mediterrane Bedding Dian Austin Couture Home Neutral Modern Bedding 
Chenille-textured floral damask front is viscose/polyester. Cotton/polyester back. Jumbo tassels with beads at corners. Duvet cover made of silk. Cord edge on 4 sides. Medallion jacquard and Greek key chenille bedding with ruched silk accents. Adorned with elaborate braid trim, plush brush fringe, jumbo tassels, and more. Neutral Modern Damask Duvet Cover. Plisse-pleated damask. Corded on all four sides. Jumbo tassels at each corner. Neutral Modern King Quilted Silk Duvet Cover. Silk, with geometric quilting and cording on four sides.


Abacus Queen Bedding Set
Dian Austin Couture Home Marilyn Bedding Dian Austin Couture Home "Pure Pewter" Bed Linens Dian Austin Couture Home  Abacus Collection
Marilyn bedding features European-woven damask in navy and taupe with golden highlights. Collection is accented with silk, velvet, twisted cording, and brush fringe. Silk dust skirt  "Pure Pewter" bed linens are pure sophistication. The ottoman-ribbed medallion fabric is woven in Europe. "Eyelash" detailing and touches of silk and velvet enhance the accessories. Handcrafted in the USA Linen duvet with contrast velvet accent tape. Medallion throw with twisted cording finish. Decorative pillows and shams


Dian Austin Couture Home Capello Damask Dian Austin Couture Home Elegance Collection Dian Austin Couture Home Brompton Court Bedding
Plisse-damask fabric is woven in Europe of cotton/polyester/viscose. Duvet cover has polyester backing and cord edge. Coverlet of polyester/rayon/linen damask and polyester lace. Damask and ruched silk sham with brush fringe. Decorative pillows These linens combine truffle and teal woven medallion brocade with chenille accents, velvet and silk textures, artisan embroidery, and hand-sewn couture details.

Rosamaria Queen Duvet HCF17_-6F5W
Dian Austin Couture Home Rosamaria Collection Dian Austin Villa Le Plaza Bedding & 300TC Ava Sheets Dian Austin Couture Home  Aviana Bedding
Velvet scallop duvet with gold and blush tones. Twisted cording finish. Sham with velvet scallop design. Plush blush fringe. Additional decorative pillows and shams Le Plaza bedding features raised textures in Mocha (featured), Jade, or Bronze. Ava sheets are 300-thread-count Italian cotton percale. Aviana plisse bedding is woven in Europe in modern hues of pewter and gray. Accented with silk, velvet, fringe, and more. Crushed silk dust skirt 

Jane Wilner Designs

Plumes King Duvet Lulu Queen Duvet Le Monte King Duvet
Jane Wilner Designs Plumes Collection Jane Wilner Designs Lulu Collection Jane Wilner Designs Le Monte Collection
Duvet in feather print. Diamond patterned dust skirt. Tailored, platform style. Decorative pillows and shams Gradient spotted duvet. Dust skirt with contrast taping. Platform style. Decorative pillows and shams Duvet and shams in scroll pattern. Coverlet and shams in marbled pattern. Striped dust skirt and pillows.


Tides King Duvet Hillhouse King Duvet Cover
Jane Wilner Designs Tides Collection Jane Wilner Designs Hillhouse Collection
Duvet and shams in marbled wave
 pattern. Dust skirt in watercolor circle pattern. Decorative pillows and shams
Cotton duvet cover, shams, dust skirt. Floral and bamboo decorative pillows

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