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French Crystal by Baccarat, Daum and Lalique

The great French crystal factories of Baccarat (1764) and Saint Louis (1586) were both placed under the protection of his patron saint by Louis XV in the 1760's. Within the next century their cut crystal was among the finest made. The art glass of Galle, Lalique (1909), Daum (1889) added to France's reputation. Lead crystal is made of sand, potash and lead fired at high temperatures, then mouth-blown, molded or machine made. Full lead crystal ("invented" in France in 1781 by Saint Louis) must contain at least 24% lead oxide  which gives it brilliance, weight and clarity. Quality is determined by the method (hand or machine), detail of design and finish (cut, etched, engraved). It can be decorated with color by adding oxides or minerals, paint (applied by hand and refired), silk screening (ceramic paint), frost (sandblasting, acid), and hand cutting (vs. molded design). Cutting produces grooves with sharp angles that increase light-reflecting surfaces adding sparkle. Go to: Lalique Crystal, Baccarat Crystal, Daum Crystal, Saint Louis crystal

Lalique Crystal

Since 1921 Lalique has, from its factory in Alsace, France, produced some of the world's finest works of crystal, pieces that resonate both with the contemporary and the traditional eye.

Double Fish Crystal Sculpture NMF17_H8NQH Ombelles Bowl
Lalique Double Fish Crystal Sculpture Lalique Gold-Stamped Bantam Rooster Lalique Ombelles Bowl
Golden crystal sculpture. 7.68"T. Based on the original 1953 sculpture by Marc Lalique. Made in France. Handcrafted rooster figure. Lead crystal with gilt accents. Handcrafted Ombelles bowl. Approximately 11.9"Dia. Crafted of goldtone-luster lead crystal. Hand wash. Made in France.

NMS16_H721X Bulldog Sculpture Athlete Sculpture
Lalique Hummingbird Figure Lalique  Bulldog Sculpture Lalique Athlete Sculpture
Hummingbird figure made of lead crystal. Hand finished in clear and satin. Handcrafted bulldog sculpture. Lead crystal with clear satin finish. Handcrafted Athlete sculpture. Approximately 7.1"W x 6.7"D x 9.8"T. Crafted of crystal. Made in France.


NMS16_H721W NMS15_H78PL
Lalique Sidonie Turtle Lalique Seal Fish
Handcrafted turtle figure. Lead crystal. Elaborate relief detailing replicates the look of a real turtle. An important and iconic part of the Lalique collection, this fish celebrates a design originally created by Rene Lalique in 1913.


NMS16_H84GE Flora Figure NMF16_H84G8
Lalique  Small Zelia Panther Sculpture Lalique Flora Figure Lalique  Wisdom Monkeys, 3-Piece Set
Handcrafted sculpture. Lead crystal. Detailed sculpture depicts Flora, the Roman goddess of nature and spring. Crystal. Approximately 4.75"T. Made in France. Handcrafted monkey figures. Made of lead crystal.


NMS16_-4B4Y NMS16_H84GC
Lalique Small Anemone Figure Lalique Angelfish Figurine Lalique Timora Elephant Sculpture
Crystal. Made in France Handcrafted figurine. Lead crystal. Handcrafted sculpture. Lead crystal.

Crystal Tiger Elephant Figurine, Trunk Up
Lalique Crystal Tiger Lalique Elephant Figurine, Trunk Up
Crystal tiger. 4.25"T x 5.25"L. Made in France. Crystal elephant sculpture. 4.25"W x 1.5"D x 3.25"T. Made in France.

Daum Crystal

Glassmaker Jean Daum, the French crystallerie known for exotic colors and sinuous lines, began shaping glass in 1878, creating flowing vessels and figures that symbolized Art Nouveau. Memorable gifts. Each piece is made iconwith finely etched details typical of p‚te de verre, in which ground crystal is formed into a paste, placed in a mold, and then fired, an ancient glass paste technique used by the Egyptians to make jewelry and amulets and re-introduced by the House of Daum in the early 20th century. Made in France.

Eagle Decanter Small "Rose Passion" Vase Jardin Imaginaire Purple/Blue Tall Vase
Daum Eagle Decanter Daum Small "Rose Passion" Vase Daum Jardin Imaginaire Purple/Blue Tall Vase
Handcrafted decanter. Lead crystal. Approximately 4"L x 3.75"W x 13.75"T. Hand wash. Made in France. Handcrafted vase. Lead crystal. Approximately 6.75"T. Made in France. Handcrafted vase. Lead crystal. Hand wash. Approximately 5.5"Dia. x 10.25"T. Made in France.


Blue Crystal Rocking Horse Purple Crystal Rocking Horse Amber Crystal Rocking Horse
Daum Blue Crystal Rocking Horse Daum Purple Crystal Rocking Horse Daum Amber Crystal Rocking Horse
Handcrafted rocking horse. Crystal. 5.9"L x 2.8"W x 5.5"T. Made in France. Handcrafted rocking horse. Crystal. 5.9"L x 2.8"W x 5.5"T. Made in France. Handcrafted rocking horse. Crystal. 5.9"L x 2.8"W x 5.5"T. Made in France.

3 Alfredo Candleholders NMF17_H8L30 Red Crystal Hibiscus Flower
Daum 3 Alfredo Candleholders Daum Green/Amber Small Fish in Anemone Sculpture Daum Red Crystal Hibiscus Flower
Handcrafted flower sculpture. Lead crystal. Approximately 4.25"Dia. Made in France. Handcrafted sculpture. Lead crystal. Decorative hibiscus flower. Crystal. 4.3"Dia. x 2.6"T. Made in France.


NMS15_H67M9 NMS16_H72DG
Daum Pink Elephant Daum Pink Mini Bear Cub Figurine
With its lively expression, cute posture, and upraised trunk, our diminutive pachyderm is ideal for animal aficionados and crystal collectors alike. From Daum. Crystal. Bear cub sculpture made of lead crystal.


Daum  Small Amber Elephant Daum  Bear Sculpture
Handcrafted sculpture. Lead crystal. Handcrafted sculpture. Lead crystal.


NMS15_H82JT NMS16_H82K0 Jardin Imaginaire Violet/Pink Flower Sculpture
Daum  Orchid Dish Daum Mini Blue Doudours Teddy Bear
Daum  Mini Pink Doudours Teddy Bear
Daum  Jardin Imaginaire Violet/Pink Flower Sculpture
Handcrafted dish. Lead crystal. Handcrafted sculpture. Lead crystal. Handcrafted flower sculpture. Lead crystal. France


NMS15_H82J8 NMS16_H7QHX Jardin Imaginaire Purple/Blue Flower Sculpture
Daum Rose Passion White Flower Sculpture Daum Amber/Gray Cat Daum  Jardin Imaginaire Purple/Blue Flower Sculpture
Handcrafted sculpture. Lead crystal. Approximately 4.25"Dia. Made in France Handcrafted cat sculpture. Made of lead crystal. Handcrafted flower sculpture. Lead crystal.


Daum Small Tulip Ultraviolet Bowl Daum Rose Passion Mini Bowl Daum Small Tulip Bowl
Handcrafted bowl. Lead crystal. Coloration varies depending on lighting conditions. Approximately 6.25"T. Made in France. Handcrafted bowl. Lead crystal. Handcrafted bowl. Lead crystal.

Baccarat Crystal

Founded in 1764, Baccarat is renowned the world over for its magnificent and innovative works of crystal. Baccarat has become a national symbol of France's art de vivre, and the company's heritage of excellence in design is matched only by its continuing efforts to cultivate creativity in the next generation of great artists. The Baccarat collection is full of timeless masterpieces, from jewelry to sculptures for the home, which translate beautifully in any language.

Baccarat BIRDIE GOLFER Baccarat Lucky Butterfly, Clear Diamante Baccarat Crystal Turtle
Birdie Golfer made of lead crystal Butterfly made of lead crystal. Lead-crystal turtle figurine.


Baccarat "Lucky" Butterfly Baccarat King Snoopy Figurine
Choose (shown front to back) ruby, sapphire, olivine, (see below) parma violet, purple, peony pink, aquamarine, topaz, clear, metallic, or irise. Full-lead crystal. Handcrafted. Handcrafted figurine. Clear full-lead crystal. Gold-tone crown accent. 2.5"W x 4.75"T. Made in France.


Saint Louis crystal

The glassworks of Saint Louis have been crafting the finest crystal coveted by kings, emperors, heads of state, and connoisseurs since 1586. In the province of Lorraine, on the eastern border of France, a region graced with rich sands and expansive forests, Saint Louis flourished. Louis XV placed it under the protection of his patron saint in 1767. Supported by this abundance of natural resources, they were the first to perfect lead crystal in 1781, then being recognized as a crystallerie. They played a central role in the golden age of the 19th century, with major technical and ornamental innovations, all of which are still represented in current pieces. For over 400 years, Saint Louis has continued to hand blow each piece, passing on the technique from generation to generation. Expertly crafted hand cut leaded crystal radiates light achieving exceptional brilliance on each unique piece. Fine design and engraving are enhanced by the precision of the artistís brush. Due to its delicate nature, hand washing is recommended.

Oxymore Large Vase, Clear Tommy Oval Vase NMS16_H8NXX
Saint Louis Crystal Oxymore Large Vase, Clear Saint Louis Crystal  Tommy Oval Vase Saint Louis Crystal Les Endiables Tommy
Handcrafted Oxymore large vase in clear. 6.7"Dia. x 9.8"T. Crafted of crystal. Hand wash. Made in France. Handcrafted vase. Lead crystal. Handcrafted object. Lead crystal. Can be used as a glass, a vase, or a holder. Made in France.

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