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Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces for the French Inspired Home

Flowers play an important role in French culture. Paris and many other French cities have stands on almost every corner making it easy for the French to make flowers and plants part of their everyday life. Now it's just as easy for you to add that freshness and beauty to your home. From a single, striking stem to roses and lush bouquets, or potted plants, nothing adds life to a room like flowers. For birthdays, romantic occasions, or any other celebrations, they're great gifts--they always send the right message! Go to: French FlowersFaux Bouquets and Stems, Vases

French Flowers

Everyone loves to have fresh flowers but it's not every week that we can get to the floral shop to buy them and sometimes there are spaces in the home that call for a 'remarkable' option -- a floral arrangement and container that truly ties in with the space and its decor. For those times, it's nice to invest in a silk floral that will last for many years to come.

Lavender Mist Floral Arrangement Lily Snowball Greenery Baby Blue Floral Arrangement
John-Richard Collection Lavender Mist Floral Arrangement NDI Lily Snowball Greenery John-Richard Collection Baby Blue Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted arrangement of light purple hydrangeas and light green viburnum in a square mirrored container. Faux silk (polyester) stems. Handcrafted faux floral arrangement in glass vase. Polyester florals. Handcrafted faux floral arrangement in glass bowl. Faux silk (polyester) stems.


Snowball Hydrangea Floral Arrangement Valparaiso Garden Floral Arrangement Magnolia Pink Floral Arrangement
NDI Snowball Hydrangea Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Valparaiso Garden Floral Arrangement NDI Magnolia Pink Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted faux hydrangea arrangement. Glass vase. Polyester florals. Fall colored florals of Queen Anne's lace, peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and amaranthus are arranged in a glass container. Handcrafted faux magnolia floral arrangement. Glass vase. Polyester florals.

Mixed Blossom Branches Floral Arrangement Dogwood Branch Floral Arrangement Peony Snowball White & Green Floral Arrangement
Diane James Mixed Blossom Branches Floral Arrangement NDI Dogwood Branch Floral Arrangement NDI Peony Snowball White & Green Floral Arrangement
Our faux blossoms arranged in a glass vase topped with a gold band capture the fleeting nature of spring yet allow you to enjoy the beauty year long Handcrafted faux dogwood arrangement. Ceramic vase. Polyester florals. Handcrafted faux-peony arrangement. Glass vase. Polyester florals. 


Mix Rose and Lily in Leaf Cut Vase Mini Icon Rose, Peony, and Hydrangea Pastel Fleur-de-lis
Mix Rose and Lily in Leaf Cut Vase Mini Icon Rose, Peony, and Hydrangea John-Richard Collection Pastel Fleur-de-lis
Gorgeous gathering of pure-white, star-shaped lilies bloom into a stunning bouquet partnered with cream-toned roses that craft pure beauty in any setting Stunning peonies, roses and hydrangea's arranged in a charming silver trophy style vase, with a strong focus on the lustrous shades of white and thick layers of petals artisans were sure to capture from nature. It lends itself as an electrifying statement... electrifying any interior setting. This low arrangement of white water lilies and white marble stones, nestles in a shallow round light blue bowl, would be the perfect arrangement for a cocktail table.


Magnolia Centerpiece NMF16_H84YX Mix Green Ranunculus
Magnolia Centerpiece John-Richard Collection Southern Roots Faux Floral Mix Green Ranunculus
Blooming Magnolia Centerpiece, flourish magnolia's set in a gold footed container allowing our designer to flair and expand the natural branches, showcasing every stage of this gorgeous flowers bloom.  Handcrafted large arrangement of hosta, nandina, apple blossom, kiwi, and hydrangeas. Silk/polyester stems. Gold-painted aluminum container. Soft ranunculus blossoms in a lovely bouquet are presented in a rounded glass bowl overflow to give life to any interior setting.

Preserved Roses in Concrete Golden Dipped Rose Display Rose Pave Faux-Floral Arrangement
T&C Floral Company Preserved Roses in Concrete John-Richard Collection Golden Dipped Rose Display John-Richard Collection Rose Pave Faux-Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted concrete bowl filled with preserved roses from Ecuador. Finished with preserved mosses with long lasting life. This dainty arrangement features golden roses arranged in a traditional pave. Designed with a surprise addition of a quartz geode with a golden leaf back This rose gold botanical design of hand-colored and dip-dyed roses, Queen Anne lace and proteas, sit on a bed of dyed and dried Spanish moss in a rectangle glass container. They are all arranged in a pavé design


Preserved Roses in Wood Log NMS16_H899R Peony Cherry Blossom Arrangement
T&C Floral Company Preserved Roses in Wood Log John-Richard Collection French Bouquet Faux-Floral Arrangement NDI Peony Cherry Blossom Arrangement
Hand-cut elongated wood log filled with organic mosses and 4" preserved roses for a finished organic piece. Fully Organic: stems from mother nature, hand-cut wood log, soft preserved roses from Ecuador, preserved long living moss. Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Tightly bunched bouquet of hydrangeas, peonies, and ranunculus. Polyester silk stems. Glass container; acrylic "water." Handcrafted faux cherry blossom arrangement in glass vase


Bronze Magnolia NMF16_H82NK Hydrangea Rose Faux-Floral Arrangement
John-Richard Collection Bronze Magnolia John-Richard Collection Paperwhite Garden Faux-Floral Arrangement NDI Hydrangea Rose Faux-Floral Arrangement
Faux magnolia arrangement in fluted stain glass container Handcrafted arrangement of faux paperwhites. Poly silk stems; preserved basil foliage. Ceramic container. Lifelike, handcrafted hydrangeas and roses in a glass vase. Florals, polyester.


Golden Glimmer Arrangement Preserved Roses in Wood Log "Diamonds & Roses" Faux Floral
John-Richard Collection Golden Glimmer Arrangement T&C Floral Company Preserved Roses in Wood Log John-Richard Collection "Diamonds & Roses" Faux Floral
The gold finish on this birch wood container contains multiple white and green florals. The white and green florals of hydrangeas, roses, helleborus and viburum make this elongated arrangement a great piece for any console or table Hand-cut elongated wood log filled with organic mosses and 4" preserved roses for a finished organic piece. Fully organic - stems from mother nature. Soft preserved roses from Ecuador. Preserved long living moss. "Diamonds & Roses" faux floral. 6"Sq. x 7"T. White rose nosegay and greenery of polyester and silk. Clear crystal square vase. Designed with removable nosegay, so both nosegay and vase may be used separately. Made in the USA of imported material.


Preserved Roses in Carved Log Hydrangea & Roses Faux Floral Preserved Roses in Golden Urn
T&C Floral Company Preserved Roses in Carved Log NDI Hydrangea & Roses Faux Floral T&C Floral Company Preserved Roses in Golden Urn
Hand-carved wood log is filled with preserved roses, preserved moss, and polished yellow stones. Approximately 36"L x 9"D x 10"T. Handcrafted Hydrangea & Roses faux floral. 18"W x 16"D x 11"T. Faux hydrangeas and roses. Glass vase. Made in the USA of imported material. Preserved roses, preserved moss, and sedimentary amethyst stones in a polished golden urn. Approximately 18"Dia. x 13"T.


Amour Pastel Faux Flowers NMF17_H8NFH
John-Richard Collection Amour Pastel Faux Flowers Natural Decorations Inc Hydrangea Snowball Faux-Floral Arrangement Snowball Faux Floral Arrangement
Romance is in full bloom year-round with this arrangement of faux flowers in the room. Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Polyester and plastic. Glass vase; acrylic "water." Handcrafted faux floral arrangement. Snowball hydrangea arranged in a silver bowl


John-Richard Collection First Blush Faux Floral Pastel Passion Faux Floral John-Richard Collection Chantilly Lace Faux-Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted nosegay arrangement of roses, peonies, and lilac sprays. Polyester silk floral stems. Glass container. Lovely enough to stand in for the bride's bouquet, this arrangement of faux roses, peonies, and other pink and white flowers is simply breathtaking. Handcrafted bouquet of faux peonies. Polyester silk stems. Glass container; acrylic "water."

Succulents and Rose Quartz  Faux-Floral Arrangement
T&C Floral Company Succulents and Rose Quartz Faux-Floral Arrangement WHITE HYDRANGEA ARRANGEMENT IN GLASS VASE Snowball Faux Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted floral arrangement. Features silk succulents and finished with preserved mosses, preserved roses from Ecuador, and natural rose quartz stone. Hand-carved wood, square vessel. Organic and silk. Soft petal clusters create a lush, refreshing bouquet. Our faux hydrangeas are arranged in a recycled-glass vase for a ready-to-show summer arrangement of luminous white. A symphony in green and white, this petite bouquet instantly refreshes any space. Place it on a bedside table in a guest room as a warm welcome


This elegant arrangement brings bright blooms and greenery to your home. Set in a glass vase, these calla lilies are a fresh and easy update in a room. The spectacular trumpet shape of the lily makes it a garden favorite. This lily’s tall stems are nestled among slender green leaves for an amazingly realistic appearance. Set in a white pot, it’s an elegant botanical accent on a tabletop or mantel. This elegant arrangement brings bright blooms and greenery to your home. Set in a glass bowl, these calla lilies are an easy springtime update in a room.

Faux Bouquets and Stems

Slide View: 3: Gold Eucalyptus Spray
Gold Eucalyptus Spray
Gold Asparagus Spray
Arrange this gleaming eucalyptus spray with other faux botanicals in your favorite vase, for a bouquet that blooms throughout the season.


Languedoc Crystal Vase Hirondelles Vase, Clear Tourbillons Crystal Vase
Lalique Languedoc Crystal Vase Lalique Hirondelles Vase, Clear Lalique Tourbillons Crystal Vase
The raw beauty of the Languedoc region in France has inspired many artists, including René Lalique who designed the original Languedoc vase with accentuated relief and generous proportions in 1929. Fashioned in signature satin-finished and re-polished crystal, cactus leaves overlay in a graphic play on repetition. The iconic vase is re-imagined in a petite version in striking black crystal The small Hirondelles vase depicts the beauty of swallows taking flight, symbolizing happiness and freedom. Fashioned in Lalique's signature satin finished and repolished crystal, the swallows are juxtaposed creating a graphic play on repetition. The precision of the design harmoniously compliments the purity of the clear crystal In 1926, René Lalique designed the Tourbillons Vase. Inspired by the movement of the fern blossom, the abstract design allows for the utmost freedom of interpretation. Graphic and poetic, its curves follow the rhythm of light, drawing the eye inwards towards the swirls of crystal. The iconic vase is transformed in a petite version and striking black crystal.


Oxymore Large Vase, Clear NMS16_H8NXX Tommy Oval Vase
Saint Louis Crystal Oxymore Large Vase, Clear Saint Louis Crystal Les Endiables Tommy Saint Louis Crystal Tommy Oval Vase
Handcrafted Oxymore large vase in clear. 6.7"Dia. x 9.8"T. Crafted of crystal. Hand wash. Made in France. Handcrafted object. Lead crystal. Can be used as a glass, a vase, or a holder. Made in France. Handcrafted vase. Lead crystal.


Grand Louxor Vase Louxor Round Vase
Baccarat Grand Louxor Vase Baccarat Louxor Round Vase
A brilliant gift that each will interpret in his or her own way, adding flowers or a large candle With its beautifully rounded and very delicate silhouette this timeless creation pursues its enlightened path through history.


Lalique Bacchantes Small Clear Vase Lalique Elves Vase
Handcrafted re-interpretation of the iconic Bacchantes vase. Satin-finished lead crystal. The Fairytales Collection by Lalique defines a new expression of beauty. This crystal giftware revives Rene Lalique's passion for Nature and its magical floral, mythical fauna and allegorical themes.


Baccarat Ginkgo Vase, Small Baccarat Objectif Small Vase Baccarat Serpentin Vase
Handcrafted vase, Full-lead crystal. 7"T. Made in France. Handcrafted vase. Full-lead crystal. 8.25"T. Made in France. Full-lead crystal. Handcrafted. Made in France.


Baccarat Tall Louxor Vase Baccarat Blue Louxor Vase Baccarat Small Spirale Vase
Handcrafted vase. Full-lead crystal. Design features nine "pyramids" on the main faces, three "pyramids" on the sides, and a vertical gadroon motif on the interior to reflect and scatter light. Handcrafted vase. 7.875"T. Crystal. Hand wash. Made in France. Designed by Thomas Bastide. Clear- crystal vase. Limited edition.


Blue Eye Small Rectangular Vase NMF17_H6R61 Small Purple Rectangular Eye Vase
Baccarat Blue Eye Small Rectangular Vase Baccarat Small Rectangular Eye Vase
Baccarat Large Rectangular Eye Vase
BACCARAT Purple Rectangular Eye Vases
Handcrafted vase. 5.875"T. Crystal. Made in France. Designed by Nicolas Triboulot. Clear crystal vase. Rectangular shape with inner vertical beveling and external horizontal beveling. 7.875"T. Made in France. A combination of horizontal cuts on the outside and vertical cuts on the inside paired with vibrant color gives this vase extraordinary visual effect as it creates a stunning interplay of light.

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