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Easy Weekend Wear

Easy weekend wear. Relaxed pieces with comfortable style to expand your wardrobe. Go to:  Moth

Rue Stiic

From swimsuits to leisure wear, founder Jillian Beed's designs are as dynamic and versatile as the women who wear them, whether they're running errands near home or jet-setting across Europe. Handmade in Bali, each Rue Stiic silhouette is an embodiment of the lifestyle of the sophisticated wanderer, from its bohemian aesthetic to its use of globally inspired textures.

Slide View: 1: Kaylee Pullover Slide View: 1: Ronnie Pullover Slide View: 1: Cozy V-Neck Pullover
Kaylee Pullover Ronnie Pullover Cozy V-Neck Pullover
Polyester, rayon. High-low hem Acrylic, wool Acrylic, wool

Slide View: 2: Andover Fringed Pullover
Andover Fringed Pullover


Clean and linear, Moth is known for transforming current trends into wearable sweater silhouettes. Moth relies on simple yarns and pure shapes to make a statement, and in turn appeals to women who want a feminine look without any fussiness.

Slide View: 1: Serena Layered Pullover Slide View: 1: Casco Bay Pullover Slide View: 1: Best-Loved Cardigan
Serena Layered Pullover Casco Bay Pullover Best-Loved Cardigan
Viscose, nylon, wool, cashmere; polyester lining. Pre-layered silhouette Viscose, nylon, wool, cashmere. Bell sleeves Acrylic, nylon, wool

Slide View: 1: Ingrid Cardigan Slide View: 1: Rocia Ruffled Cardigan Slide View: 1: Betty Knit Cardigan
Ingrid Cardigan Rocia Ruffled Cardigan Betty Knit Cardigan
Nylon, wool, acrylic, rayon, polyester, alpaca fleece, spandex Acrylic, wool Acrylic

Slide View: 2: Colorblocked Wool Cardigan Slide View: 1: Mod Eyelash Pullover Slide View: 1: Ruffle-Sleeve Boat Neck Pullover
Colorblocked Wool Cardigan Mod Eyelash Pullover Ruffle-Sleeve Boat Neck Pullover
Wool, polyester Cotton, viscose, wool, acrylic, nylon, polyester, metallic thread, cashmere Viscose, polyester, polyamide, metallic thread

Slide View: 1: Striped V-Neck Pullover Slide View: 1: Wrapped V-Neck Sweater Slide View: 1: Striped Chenille Pullover
Striped V-Neck Pullover Wrapped V-Neck Sweater Striped Chenille Pullover
Rich colors and bold stripes adorn a pullover that's an ideal layer for cooler days. Whether worn on its own or layered over a simple tee, this surplice pullover is a must-have for this season. Acrylic, nylon, wool


Slide View: 2: Chenille Cardigan Slide View: 2: Kristie Ribbed Cardigan Slide View: 1: High-Low Cardigan
Chenille Cardigan Kristie Ribbed Cardigan High-Low Cardigan
Every fall wardrobe needs a classic, layer-able cardigan, and this option is as cozy as can be. Acrylic, wool This everyday cardigan is the perfect go-to, whether worn over a tailored blouse or a graphic tee.

Slide View: 1: Tisbury Turtleneck Pullover Slide View: 1: Sweetsong Embroidered Sweatshirt Slide View: 2: Striped & Pocketed Vest
Tisbury Turtleneck Pullover Sweetsong Embroidered Sweatshirt Striped & Pocketed Vest
Work a turtleneck into your layering strategy this season by topping light-washed denim or a skirt and knit tights - it's a topper that's equally cozy and chic. Viscose, polyester, nylon. Appliquéd detail Mohair, polyamide, acrylic

Slide View: 1: Lilly Embroidered Pullover Slide View: 1: Asymmetrical Mock Neck Tunic Slide View: 1: Fireside Dolman-Sleeved Pullover
Lilly Embroidered Pullover Asymmetrical Mock Neck Tunic Fireside Dolman-Sleeved Pullover
Viscose, polyester, nylon. Sweatshirt-style silhouette. Appliquéd detail Acrylic, nylon. Asymmetrical hem With a pullover like this one, comfy and cozy you'll be.

Slide View: 1: Susan Ruffled Pullover Slide View: 1: Egan Pullover Slide View: 1: High-Low V-Neck Tunic
Susan Ruffled Pullover Egan Pullover High-Low V-Neck Tunic
Cotton Acrylic, nylon, wool, polyester Acrylic, nylon, elastane

Slide View: 1: Spectra Fringed Cardigan Slide View: 2: Boat Neck Peplum Pullover Slide View: 1: Saskia Oversized Pullover
Spectra Fringed Cardigan Boat Neck Peplum Pullover Saskia Oversized Pullover
Acrylic, polyester, lurex Polyester; cotton lining This tunic pullover features wide sleeves and a mock neck for an extra cozy style.

Slide View: 1: Bismarck Sweater Vest Slide View: 2: Tiered Ruffle Pullover Slide View: 1: Buckle-Front Poncho
Bismarck Sweater Vest Cozy Striped Pullover Buckle-Front Poncho
Acrylic, polyester Viscose, nylon, polyester Polyester, nylon, wool


Slide View: 2: Halen Balloon-Sleeve Pullover Slide View: 1: Belled V-Neck Pullover Slide View: 1: Layered Off-The-Shoulder Pullover
Halen Balloon-Sleeve Pullover Belled V-Neck Pullover Layered Off-The-Shoulder Pullover
Polyester, acrylic Acrylic Viscose; nylon lining. Pre-layered silhouette

Slide View: 1: Marled Boat Neck Pullover Slide View: 1: Ruffled V-Neck Pullover Slide View: 1: Fringed & Striped Cardigan
Marled Boat Neck Pullover Ruffled V-Neck Pullover Fringed & Striped Cardigan
Acrylic Wool, acrylic. Asymmetrical silhouette Acrylic. Fringed detail

Slide View: 1: Sparkle Off-The-Shoulder Pullover Slide View: 1: Marled Boat Neck Sweater Slide View: 1: Shimmer Stripe Pullover
Sparkle Off-The-Shoulder Pullover Marled Boat Neck Sweater Shimmer Stripe Pullover
Acrylic, nylon, polyester, spandex, metallic thread Acrylic. Bead embellishment Pair this shimmering pullover with a metallic pleated skirt for abundant shine that suits the holiday season.

Slide View: 1: Maggie Marled Pullover Slide View: 1: Ballet Knit Dress Slide View: 1: Tanwen Bell-Sleeve Pullover
Maggie Marled Pullover Ballet Knit Dress Tanwen Bell-Sleeve Pullover
Wear this short-sleeved pullover with colored corduroys or, for an eclectic touch, try topping a long-sleeved, printed button-down or dress. Rayon, nylon, spandex, wool; rayon lining Acrylic, polyester, nylon. Bell sleeves

Slide View: 1: Wyn Open-Shoulder Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Tralee Cabled Chenille Pullover Slide View: 1: Conner Crew Neck Sweater
Wyn Open-Shoulder Jumpsuit Tralee Cabled Chenille Pullover Conner Crew Neck Sweater
Rayon, nylon Ever so soft, this chenille pullover is a weekend wardrobe must. Acrylic, polyester, cotton, wool, spandex

Slide View: 1: Carla Cozy Cardigan Slide View: 1: Morgan Striped Pullover Slide View: 1: Intarsia Check Pullover
Carla Cozy Cardigan Morgan Striped Pullover Intarsia Check Pullover
Acrylic, rayon Polyester, nylon Acrylic, wool

Slide View: 1: Tessie Stitched Pullover Slide View: 1: Knit Turtleneck Pullover Slide View: 1: Intarsia Star Sweater
Tessie Stitched Pullover Knit Turtleneck Pullover Intarsia Star Sweater
Acrylic This classic turtleneck flares subtly at the sleeves for of-the-moment style. Acrylic, nylon

Slide View: 1: Dempsey Pullover Slide View: 1: Eyelash Long Cardigan Slide View: 1: Shimmer Pullover
Dempsey Pullover Eyelash Long Cardigan Shimmer Pullover
This incredibly soft pullover is a must-have layer for the colder months. Nylon, cotton, acrylic Acrylic, metallic thread

Slide View: 1: Emmett Car Coat Slide View: 1: Oversized Scoop Neck Pullover Slide View: 1: Carey Blazer Cardigan
Emmett Car Coat Oversized Scoop Neck Pullover Carey Blazer Cardigan
Cotton, wool, nylon Acrylic, nylon Rayon, triexta, nylon, spandex

Slide View: 1: Crocheted Off-The-Shoulder Pullover Slide View: 1: Striped Mock Neck Sweater Slide View: 1: Solita Turtleneck Sweater
Crocheted Off-The-Shoulder Pullover Striped Mock Neck Sweater Solita Turtleneck Sweater
Acrylic Acrylic, cotton Acrylic, linen, wool, nylon, cotton

Slide View: 1: Angie Sweater Coat Slide View: 1: Alba Tunic Dress
Angie Sweater Coat Alba Tunic Dress
Acrylic, nylon, spandex Polyester, spandex

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