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Classic French Interior Decorating

Classic French designer touches. The right interior decorating decisions for walls, lighting, rugs or accessories can elevate any room from usual to refined.  Some of the best decorators design rooms from the inspiration and color palette of single pieces such as rugs or art, or a theme such as the French country rooster. Who could resist? For help with period rooms or accents, check Home Decorating Style Guide. Definitions can be found in  French Dictionary of DesignAdd French-Luxury to your favorites. When you're ready, shop here--in the comfort of your own home.

French Style Interior Decorating Accents

Faceted Resin Lamp Slide View: 1: Pink Dream Wall Art Small Ginko Bowl, Amber
Faceted Resin Lamp Pink Dream Wall Art Daum Small Ginko Bowl, Amber
Handcrafted translucent, faceted resin lamp with handmade and sanded body. Antiqued gold leaf finish on steel neck. Brilliant hues of pink and orange bring to mind a summer sunset - lending a warm, nostalgic touch to bedrooms and living spaces alike. Handcrafted crystal bowl.


Wheat Faux-Shagreen Serving Tray La Fleur Table Lamp Pillows
AERIN Wheat Faux-Shagreen Serving Tray Lucas + McKearn La Fleur Table Lamp 6009 Parker Iliana Camel Faux-Fur Pillow, Joule Paris Quartz Pillow
Handcrafted serving tray. Embossed shagreen finish. Brass trim. Steel and cast resin table lamp. Works as a beautiful addition to our 6009 Parker panels and hardware. Handcrafted overfilled, oversized style pillow. Grade A sliced agate natural detail at center. Faux-fur (acrylic) body. Grade A sliced natural agate with resin medallion. Swarovski® crystal trim. Hanging crystal detail


Burnished Time Large Sculpture Slide View: 1: Messy Thicket Wall Art Celebration Bouquet Pillow
Burnished Time Sculptures Messy Thicket Wall Art Poetic Pillow Celebration Bouquet Pillow, Orange Poppies Lumbar Pillow
Clock making was a highly esteemed craft in the 18th century. Due to the expense of the materials and hours of labors, timepieces were not widely owned in the American Colonies. Each clock part had to be made and fitted separately, and decorative details helped create a work of art that was both functional and beautiful. This collection celebrates the artistry and creativity of these tradesmen, bringing to life the sculptural clock hands that adorn special time pieces in the Colonial Williamsburg archives. Atlanta artist Sara Brown crafts evocative abstractions defined by bold sweeps and arcs of color, each inspired by her travels throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. The following is a collection of pillows inspired by the abstract expressionist works of Odilon Redon. Each piece captures a movement in nature in saturated hues. The following is a collection of pillows inspired by the abstract expressionist works of Odilon Redon. Each piece captures a movement in nature in saturated hues. 


Slide View: 1: Crow Feathers Wall Art Dancers Two-Arm Lift Sculpture Chinchilla Faux-Fur Queen Throw
Crow Feathers Wall Art Global Views Dancers Lift Sculptures Sweet Dreams Faux-Fur Throws
An energetic piece featuring rich black ink washes and bold brush strokes, this painting evokes a subtle sense of movement. Handcrafted sculpture of dancers in a lift move shaped in iron. Rests upon a black marble base. Bronze cast iron. Faux-fur (acrylic/polyester) throws.


Slide View: 3: Translucent Bubble Vase Bone Tray with Nickel Handles Fluorite Bud Short Sculpture
Translucent Bubble Vase Bone Tray  John-Richard Collection Fluorite Bud Sculptures
With just a hint of solid hue, this spherical vase accents vignette corners and nightstands alike. Elegantly simple tray is at home in a variety of settings Beautifully handcrafted sculpted and jewelry cast brass surrounds a translucent fluorite stone which stands tall over a crystal cube.


Dior Small Chandelier Fleur Ceramic Bowls, Set of 3 Slide View: 1: Joshua Tree Wall Art
Dior Small Chandelier Jamie Young Fleur Ceramic Bowls, Set of 3 Joshua Tree Wall Art
Chandelier with cascading chains of glass beads in a gold leaf finish. Steel frame wrapped in jute rope. Set of three handcrafted antiqued gold bowls that vary in size. Ceramic is hand-fired so each piece is unique. Printed on archival watercolor paper with hand-applied copper leafing. Walnut frame included

Pressed Large Glass Vase, Apricot Carte Le Blanche Faux-Fur Throw Slide View: 1: Yellow Wheel Wall Art
Pressed Glass Vases Dian Austin Couture Home Carte Le Blanche Faux-Fur Throw Yellow Wheel Wall Art
Glass vase with textured effect. To be used as a decorative vase. For indoor use only. Faux wolf fur throw. Printed on archival watercolor paper. Walnut frame included


Decorative Dragonfly Slide View: 2: Cascading Flowers Wall Art Half & Half Pompom Pillow
Decorative Dragonfly, Butterfly Cascading Flowers Wall Art Half & Half Pompom Pillow Collection
Matte brass décor. This modern work features gold paint-embellished flower shapes within a wooden shadow box frame, generating a three-dimensional, cascading effect. Woven two-tone pillow. Pompoms at corners. Pieced pillow with rug inspired design.

Single Celestite Bloom Slide View: 3: Solid Herringbone Throw Blanket Slide View: 1: Blue Leopard 2 Wall Art
John-Richard Collection Single Celestite Bloom Solid Herringbone Throw Blanket
Buffalo Check Throw Blanket
Blue Leopard 2 Wall Art
Single celestite crystal blooms appear from a cast brass branch with leaves and are mounted on a crystal clear glass cube. This versatile, super-soft throw is a charming accent that brings comfort and charm, wherever it's placed. A classic buffalo check pattern makes this soft, lightweight throw a timeless addition to any living space. Paying homage to the work of Ross Bleckner, the decorative repetitions of this painting are reminiscent of lifelike patterns.


Brass Ladybug Slide View: 1: Graphic Adornment Wall Art Stirrup Detail Tray
Brass Ladybug, Brass Bumble Bee Graphic Adornment Wall Art Stirrup Detail Tray
Handcrafted figures in matte brass. Very slight change in shade, with passage of time item will patina. Polished highlights. Modern and minimalist, this striking piece is a perfect addition to a mantel or gallery wall. Handcrafted tray with nickel horse bit detail. Covered in hand-stained washed leather with tonal bands.

Twig Brass Three-Vase Holder Slide View: 1: Nouveau Damask Wallpaper Cradled Cubes, Set of 3
Twig Brass Vase Holder
Twig Brass Three-Vase Holder
Nouveau Damask Wallpaper John-Richard Collection Cradled Cubes, Set of 3
Solid sand-cast brass twist and turn creating our Twig Vase Holders. Glass bulb-shaped vases display small buds beautifully. Brass and glass. Make a statement with our assortment of vibrant, vintage-inspired wallpaper in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles. Whether used in an entire room, on an accent wall, or to showcase your favorite piece of furniture, wallpaper complements the unique aesthetic of your home decor, and invites warmth and whimsy into your home. Handcrafted set of three cubes with each set cradling gold, silver and crystal pieces creating a whole cube.

Slide View: 1: Wild 2 Wall Art Leaf Table Decor, Set of 3
Chic Home Aviva 50x60 Throw Wild 2 Wall Art Leaf Table Decor, Set of 3
This two-tone throw blanket is the ultimate in luxurious comfort. Every piece is exceptionally woven with superior-quality faux fur and is as indulgent as it is beautiful. The rich, handsome texture beautifully emulates the inherent softness and color of each piece. The reverse side is a cozy solid color micro mink for added softness and ultra-plush quality. This cozy throw is great as an accent piece for living and bedroom spaces. Featuring a mirrored forest of interweaving flora over a velvety ink wash of burgundy, this stunning artwork is an eye-catching feature in your space. Set of three handcrafted leaf accent pieces. Brass in a antiqued highlight finish. Very slight change in shade, with passage of time item will patina.

Illuminated Crystal Obelisk Lourde Celadone Pillow Medium Abstract Figure Brass Sculpture with Marble Base
Global Views Illuminated Crystal Obelisk Eastern Accents Green Pillow Collection Abstract Figure Brass Sculptures with Marble Base
Crystal obelisk with stainless steel base, featuring brass and nickel finishes. Includes 6.5-watt, dimmable LED bulb; type A socket. 8' clear silver cord with rotary switch. Approx. 31.5"H x 8.5"W. Handcrafted Handcrafted abstract figure sculpture. Brass with gold leaf finish. Round, marble base.

Milton Accent Mirror Slide View: 1: Bergman 2 Triptych Wall Art Francesca Faux-Fur Throw
Milton Accent Mirror Bergman 2 Triptych Wall Art Sweet Dreams Francesca Faux-Fur Throw
Brighten your décor with the Milton Starburst accent mirror. Featuring antiqued mirror and a gold gilded finish. The rays radiate style. Reminiscent of the dark, layered films of Ingmar Bergman, the white brushstroke shapes dip and melt into the atmospheric, speckled background. Grooved faux fur (acrylic) throw. Twisted gold cording.

Slide View: 1: Intersecting Thoughts Wall Art NMS16_H82XU
Chic Home Penina 50x60 Throw Intersecting Thoughts Wall Art Michael Aram Gold Orchid Candle Snuffer
Treat yourself with one of our Penina super soft shaggy faux fur throw blankets. The ultimate in luxurious comfort, our superior-quality faux fur is as indulgent as it is beautiful. Exceptionally woven from the finest materials for a sumptuously plush feel and its handsome texture beautifully emulates the inherent softness and color After 21 years as an accomplished interior and home furnishings designer, Dallas resident Kelly O'Neal turned his artistic sensibilities to the easel. Using his experience with color and composition, he captures whimsical subjects in a dramatic light, lending contrast and intrigue to his finished pieces. Handcrafted candle snuffer. Nickel-plated and gold-tone metal.

Slide View: 1: Cyrus Chair Slide View: 1: Senegal Wall Art  
Cyrus Chair Senegal Wall Art RiLEY Home Chevron Throw
Boasting clean lines and invitingly soft velvet upholstery, this modern chair is a statement-making piece for a minimalist space. In 2011, Minh Nguyen and Caitlin Dinkins joined forces to establish Zoe Bios Creative, an art and design house based in Los Angeles. Along with creating their own fine art and innovative home accessories, the duo represents artists that embody the vision that is Zoe Bios Creative - of-the-moment, yet timeless work that epitomizes the spirit of Art Entoure. Fringe trim. Dimensions: 50"L x 70"W. Made in Portugal. Cotton/acrylic. Machine wash

The Power Of The Bee Box NMF17_H7RFF Small Ribbon Object
The Power Of The Bee Box Dian Austin Couture Home Royal Court Crown Pillow, 18"Sq. Small Ribbon Object
Discover your personal power with a beautiful gold lacquered box topped with an alabaster lid and a golden bee in relief. Gold with purple velvet crown. Decorated with metallic gimps, faux-jewels, and metal findings. Silk and polyester front. Decorative metal scroll object on acrylic stand.


Nerine Sculptures, Set of 3 Paros Medium Vase
Arteriors Nerine Sculptures, Set of 3 Dian Austin Couture Home Brompton Court Throw AERIN Paros Vases
Like geometric pillars, sculptures add a bit of modern sophistication to a table, desk or shelf. Ivory finish makes them almost identical to marble, with even, prism surfaces and clean lines with modern class. Whether as bookends and paperweights or simply as decorative accents to elevate a look. Pieced throw of brocade, velvet, and silk features hand-sewn couture details. Handcrafted ceramic vase. 18-karat gold trim. Italy

Boucle Knot Sculpture Calla Lily Candle
INTERLUDE Boucle Knot Sculpture Chic Home Orna 50x60 Throw Michael Aram Calla Lily Candle
Handcrafted modern sculpture. Iron on marble base. Hand-painted finish. This shaggy throw blanket is the ultimate in luxurious comfort. Every piece is exceptionally woven with superior-quality striped Chevron faux fur and is as indulgent as it is beautiful. The rich, handsome texture beautifully emulates the inherent softness and color of each piece. The reverse side is a cozy solid color micro mink for added softness and ultra-plush quality. Handcrafted candle. 4"Dia. x 4.5"T. Soy wax, glass, stainless steel, natural brass, and white enamel.

Marguerite Brass Flower   Century Marble Box
AERIN Marguerite Brass Flower Rizzy Home White 18" X 18" Medallion In Jute Cord Poly Filled Pillow Century Marble Box
Handcrafted, hand sculpted brass flower. Seamlessly layers with other colors and prints. Handcrafted century marble box with petrified wood handle in organic shape. Marble stone varies in color, shade and grains. Hand-painted details.

Floating Sculpture II Bianca Faux-Fur Throw with Cord Gold Branch Encased Bowl
Floating Sculpture II Sweet Dreams Bianca Faux-Fur Throw with Cord John-Richard Collection Gold Branch Encased Bowl
The texture, silhouette and palette of this sculptural piece adds visual interest. It appears to float above a rich brown tone wood base. Faux-fur (acrylic) throw. Twisted cording edge. This silver mercury glass bowl is encased in a hand-finished gold leaf metal branch. Aluminum.

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